Top Ten Trends 2019

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Innova Market Insights presenterade under ISM de tio mest framträdande trenderna inom godis- och snacksmarknaden 2019. Vi återger dem här på engelska för att inte några viktiga fakta ska försvinna i översättningen.

  The adventurous consumer
Consumers are on a big and broad journey of discovery, exploring bolder flavours and multisensory food experiences.
Richer experience:  Engagement with consumers through heightened sensory delivery, storytelling and novelty.
Excitement: Elements of surprise and unexpected flavour blends add excitement to det food experience.
World inspiration: Ethnic and exotic flavours gain traction, from Asian to Midde eastern, Indian flavours and more.

The plant kingdom
The plant based market shows no signs of slowing down. Brands green up their portfolios to attract the mainstream consumer.
Healthier diets: Consumers increase their consumtion of fruit and vegetables for a healthier lifestyle.
Hybrides: Mainstream potential exists for products that blend meat or dairy with plant ingredients.
In full bloom: Botanical falvaours such as floral, herbal and spicy continue to show strong growth.

Alternatives to all
Consumers pay attention to health and sustainability, pushing more innovation in replacement foods and ingredients.
More than health: After health, key drivers for consumers to buy food alternatives are diet variety, novelty and sustainability.
Choice: While growth of alternative launches centers on meat and diary, other categories are expanding their ”alternatives” portfolio as well.
Proteins explored: The palette of protein options expands to encompass pea, insects and numerous other sources.

Green appeal
Brands commit in market actions and product innovations to answer consumer expactions around sustainability.
Meeting expactions: Brands are marketing their commitment to sustainable product development on-pack.
To the rescue: More efforts to fight food waste by upcycling ingredients that were destined to be dumped.
Sustainable packaging: Eco-friendly materials, countering single-use plastic, present clear opportunities for innovation.

Snackning: The definitive occasion
Evolving expectations around snack products fuel innovation across all food and beverage categories.
Blurring lines: Traditional meal times and occasions disintegrate, snacking is no longer the optional extra.
Balance is key: Consumers seek healthy, indulgent, yet convenient solutions that fit busy lifestyles.
Snackification: More brands expand their portfolio by creating snacking versions of their existing products.

Eating for me
Ever expanding food choice and technological advances drive consumers to adopt a more individual approach to eating.
Endless customization: Fully customizable food options on offer to answer each individual preference.
Specific health needs: Manufacturers increasingly build on the individual health needs addressed by consumers.
Personalized nutrition: Smaller demographics are being targeted with the growing role af Al and nutrigenomics.

A fresh look at fiber
Renewed interest in fiber, going beyond digestive health benefits, is driving fiber applications.
Gut feeling: Brands increaslingly target the many consumers who consume fiber for its digestive health benefits.
New applications: Fiber applications move beyond cereal/bakey products, playing a bigger role in other categories, such as sport nutritons.
Repurposing: Newly discovered health benefits of fiber propel further growth of new product development.

I feel good
Consumers have a rising interest in the role that nutrition can play in supporting emotional and mental well-being.
Holistic well-being: Physical and mental health are equally important to consumers.
Feel good language: Brands are tapping into the need for emotinal comfort and relaxation.
A clear mind: As optimal brain functioning gains importance, global launches feature more brain health claims.

Small player mindset
Start-up companies continue to compete against major players who in turn are going small in their strategy.
Locavore lifestyle: The power of local hooks consumers and drives start-up innovation.
Social mission: Small brands are drawing attention with social/ethical stories that inspire food giants.
Smart investments: Major players launch venture funds and incubator programs to attract early-stage start-ups.

Connected to the plate
Technological advances enable consumers to get closer to their food through greater levels of transparency and involvement.
Consumer engagement: Social media facilities consumer co-creation for new product development.
Knowledge top of mind: Smart and clean nutrition labels contribute to satisfying consumer curiosity.
Brand transparency: Blockchain technology presents opportunities to imporve product traceability and transparency.

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